About us

About us

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Who are we ?

Located at the junction of floral scents and fruity aromas of the Rhône-Alpes Region, HGV – H.Granger-Veyron Company has created for the past 23 years fragrance revealers, smelling strips, blotters and olfactory cards.

Collaborating with all major brands of French and International Perfumery, HGV reveals the subtlety of fragrances and the multiplicity of scents. The company conceives  and manufactures smelling strips with standard or customized shapes, with printing, embossing or hot-foil stamping.


Our expertise

Our expertise relies on more than 20 years of manufacturing smelling strips and olfactory supports.

It revolves around 3 centers of excellence :

-          Knowledge of supports / partnerships with serveral French paper mills

-          Knowledge of all internal manufacturing processes

-          Constant quality control through a special dedicated unit


Our creative studio

Beyond our various manufacturing processes, we also help and guide our customers with innovation, research and development for their smelling strips.

We are able to work on various mother files (ai/pdf) provided by our customers.

A fast response in manufacturing prototypes is a constant concern of our quality approach.