Our innovations

Our innovations

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Our material


In order to offer a large selection of perfume card paper we selected several French paper mills as suppliers.

We adapt to each of our customer’s project by providing colors & appropriate paper weight depending on the smelling strip design. We offer all kinds of manufacturing processes such as offset print, hot-foil stamping, embossing, die-cut or any special shaping.

All of the perfume card papers are certified FSC & PEPC, with an unscented and neutral pH


We manufacture Traffic Stopper for major brands. Some may choose to add a ribbon or a customized colored lace with the brand name on the material.


We recently added this new activity to our processes.  We developped a special software that enables us to pre-perfume any perfume card paper. We are able to guarantee the control of the quantity of perfume dropped on each sheet of paper.

Our CSR commitment

Corporate Social Responsability is part of our priorities since 2019. 

1. Reducing our environmental footprint  

We carefully select our raw materials and their origins in order to greatly reduce the carbon footprint by using mainly French and local companies. To manufacture our products, we chose to only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) perfume card papers which ensures an appropriate and ecological management of forests and is socially beneficial and economically viable and PEFC (Program of the Endorsement of Forest Certification) which ensures that forests are managed according to environmental, social and economical criteria.

This label is the leading forest cerfication for certified forest surfaces and the main source of certified wood worldwide.

We also use a recyclable wrapping film in our bagging machines. The label was awarded to our supplier in January 2020.

We try to increase our recyclable actions and reduce our consumables (February 2020 : purchase of a hand dryer vs hand towel paper)

Our blotters are 100% made inFrance 

2. Social aspects 

Our human sized company fights against discriminations and inequalities between men and women. We promote young people hiring and have kept our most experienced employees with 100% of permanent contracts.

Health and security prevention is at the center of all our activitites. We are committed to ensure physical and psycological integrity of our employees. We consider mixing and professional equality between women and men as an issue of performance, credibility and equity