MASK CASE – Mask not provided

Wearing a mask everyday has now become very common to all of us. To avoid putting your mask down on the table, or away in your purse, in your pocket, or hanging it from the rear-view mirror…starting in November 2020, HGV is launching a mask case made with perfume card paper, with or without print. The masks can also be pre-scented with a perfume selected from our aroma library such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry…. 


This case - made with perfume card paper - will come in very handy to carry your mask anywhere.


Principle: foldable design, easy to carry around, compatible with disposable masks and standard fabric masks, easy to put away in your purse, pocket or car.


For professionals, the mask case can be customized with your name and logo! It can be given as a gift to your employees and your customers.


Your mask is protected on both sides by the 4 parts of the case, similar to a foldable pouch. The rubber band are used to keep the mask closed. The case can be reused when changing mask during the day.

At the end of day, the case needs to be thrown out with the disposable mask, except for fabric masks that can be washed at 60° to be reused the next day.


Whether it is for 10 or 1 million units, our team can help you with the creation of your case