Blotters - Hot-foil stamping

Blotters - Hot-foil stamping

This blotter was created for the launch of 2 LEGEND perfumes « Together they form a legend »

Invictus LEGEND : a new trophee for a new victory

Olympéa LEGEND : an absolute victory for a conquering goddess.


For this 2019 novelty, the blotter had to reflect power and warmth.

A black paper was selected to highlight the hot foil stamping : silver for men and copper for women. A pre-dotted cut was used for this production. The blotter can be split in half so both can have a blotter with a different fragrance !


The name of the brand is highlighted with a rounded curved hot-foil.


Women blotters OLYMPEA, OLYMPEA LEGEND, OLYMPEA INTENSE et OLYMPEA AQUA with a copper hot-foil on the back.

Men blotters INVICTUS, INVICTUS LEGEND, INVICTUS INTENSE et INVICTUS AQUA  with a silver hot-foil on the back.

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