Customized blotters

Customized blotters

Customized blotters

We help you with your products launches

You can create your blotter by choosing each manufacturing step.

The paper : you can choose the color and the grammage : white, black, ivory ou any color matching your  perfume packaging – 200, 240, 300 grams or a specific grammage depending on your project ……we help you and advise you on the best paper choice for your blotter.

Blotter shape : square, sharp, rounded tips…we will assist you in choosing the right shape to best suit your visual.   You can also decide on a specific cut such as a diamond (our LADY MILLION EMPIRE project realization), a leg (our CHANTAL THOMASS project realization)  that will be your own.


We collaborate with local or regional printers with low scent and low migration inks to garantee your fragrance restitution. We can print your logo, a text or a picture  of your choice using OFFSET or uv OFFSET printing, ranging from 1 color to many.


We have a special machine that can create very fine and multi-level embossing.


A gold, silver or any other colored hot-foil highlights the luxury side of the blotter (INVICTUS & OLYMPÉA project)


Combines hot-foil and embossing. You can choose from several types of curve : rounded, pyramidal and flat rounded bottom (our productions LADY MILLION EMPIRE project)